Tools That Simplify Making Complex Quilts 

The process consists of making predefined “Master Blocks” from only square and rectangular pieces of fabric. Once stitched, “Master Blocks” are separated into components by cutting along pre-defined cutting guides.

Short Cut Quilt Blocks reduce the time and effort required for making quilts to a small fraction of the time required using traditional quilt making methods. This incredible time and effort saving process speeds things up by eliminating the need to ever cut, stitch or trim triangles.

“Master Blocks” contain either two or four internal sections which after division can be used either as a quilt block or a component (quilt block section).

Each separated block contains the seam allowance required to join blocks/block sections and is filled with triangles that occur as a natural by-product when the “Master Block is divided.

Making the “Master Blocks is fast, precise and exceptionally easy.

All Master Blocks are built in rounds. A round is defined as a square piece of fabric is surrounded by 4 rectangles. 


Additional round(s) can be added to the assembly to produce even more triangles when the Master Block is divided.  


Once you make your first “Master Block” you will know how to make all versions of “Master Blocks”.

Fabric cutting and construction processes use only square and rectangular pieces of fabric. This makes cutting fabric the Short Cut Quilt Block process infinitely quicker that that which is required when making quilts using traditional methods.


Strip cutters are great for this purpose and never required. 

All “Master Blocks” use the same instructions and differ only by the built in cutting configuration that will be used once the blocks are finished. 


After you have made your first “Master Block” you will always know what you are doing. 


All construction steps can be seen in the Video Playlist that is linked to this page at the end of the article. You will find the button link just after image below.

Four cutting configurations are included in the Short Cut Quilt Blocks Library.  

  1. Half Blocks
  2. Quarter Blocks
  3. Cross Cut Triangles
  4. Cross Cut Squares

The image below shows “Master Blocks for 2, 3, 4, & 5 round configurations along with the results of dividing the Master into quarters. 


Additional cutting configurations can be viewed by selecting the “Additional Options” button the is located just after the following image.

Incredible precision and complex math are built into every “Master Block”. This means you will never need to invest time or money into learning complex software.


An additional upside to the process is that every cut you make when dividing “Master Blocks” is made in an area that defines seam allowance for the adjoining  components. The points for each and every triangle are always protected to ensure they stay crisp and true and are never cut off or clipped. 

If you experience back, shoulder, wrist, arm or hand challenges…

Short Cut Quilt Blocks is a Game Changer! 

The extreme reduction in labor required to cut & stitch complex quilts gets all the credit.


You can now join happy quilters everywhere that have discovered that Short Cut Quilt Blocks restores their ability to quilt.


Short Cut Quilt Blocks eliminates the hard parts of traditional quilting while retaining all of the creative and fun parts.

“Master Blocks” eliminate the need to cut, stitch and trim triangles. The process is therefore beneficial when making any quilt block that includes triangles. 

Short Cut Quilt Blocks are presented as a library that contains thousands of files.

The library makes quilt blocks sized from 3 ½” to medallion and includes components for making both in-the-hoop and paper pieced blocks.


You will find additional details on what is included with the Short Cut Quilt Block Library either from the store menu this site or by clicking the Purchase Now button below the following image (at the end of this article).

Master Blocks” on the Left  – Divided Blocks on the Right

Additional cutting configurations can be explored by selecting the “More Block Options”at the end of this page.

Short Cut Quilt Bock Quarters
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